Structural Design and Advanced Finite Element Simulations

Eo6 has demonstrated capabilities for doing the following analysis types, related to systems, subsystems and / or components:

  • Static
  • Dinamic
  • Fatigue and damage tolerance
    • Lineal and non lineal buckling
    • Vibration analysis (modal)
    • Heat transfer and coupled termo_mechanical analysis.


  • Simplified preliminary design analysis
  • Structural design and modelization
  • Component Structural Analysis and validation
  • Non-Lineal Analysis: contact, material plasticity, large displacements, failure analysis, buckling and post-buckling


  • FE dynamic models realization
  • Modal Analysis. FE model adjust and correlation
  • Dynamic Transient Analysis: lineal and non lineal
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Aeroelasticity: wind load calculation due to gust and turbulence

Fatigue and Damage tolerance

  • Fatigue Analysis. Duty Cycle Life Calcualtion
  • High Experience on welded components.
  • Bolted Connections